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This site is full of ancient wisdom. In it you will find the words of authors long turned to dust; authors who, witnessing their personal worlds crumbling around them, turned to committing their learning and feelings to record so that the lessons they learned might be passed on to those of us who follow…

Self-Help Sections


Advisor to a physchotic emperior, prolific author of the largest pan-genre corpus in the Early Roman Empire, Statesman. Philosopher or hypocrite? You decide.

The Kolbrin

Esoteric literature at its obscure best.  This is a romp through pre-dynastic Egypt and early Celtic Britain.

Ancient Philosophies

A quick and dirty guide to the major philosphical players in the ancient Greek and Roman world.

G.I. Gurdjieff

One of my favourites.  A modernish occult philosopher and his take on how the universe is made up and what makes humans tick.

Some Thoughts

A work in progress this one.  Bits and pieces I’ve picked up from random authors and blokes I’ve met in pubs.

Self-Help E-Books

Bringing it altogether in one place.  Books to help you find your way through this crazy fool world of ours.

podcast series

Seneca’s chaotic and mysterious life

This podcast series chronicles the life of Seneca.  Each podcast is between around 15 – 25 minutes long, and is designed to convey what little is known about the man from ancient sources (including his own).

Meet The Host

Dr Geoff Thompson

Geoff has had a life-long fascination with esoteric literature.  He has drawn the conclusion that whether it’s ancient or modern, occult, philosophical, religious, or simply the rantings of the barking insane, it all comes down, ultimately, to how humans treat one another.  The aim of this website, he says, is to sift through all the white-noise and empty rhetoric to unearth the gems that can help signpost and light a gentler path through our hectic modern lives.  Geoff has held a number of jobs in different industries, has travelled extensively, and holds a PhD in Latin.

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This is NOT a site for academics. Impenetrable ‘Acadamese’ is avoided at all costs. You will not be reaching for the dictionary every third word, nor will you be bogged down in ridiculous footnotes. This website brings you lessons from the past in plain, comprehensible language – exactly the way the original authors intended it to be.

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